How to use pen drive as RAM in windows

 How to use pen drive as RAM in windows

Requirements For Virtual RAM

1)Minimum 2 GB pen drive .
2)USB(Universal serial bus) 2.0 or later.
You can use your pen drive as RAM(Random Access Memory) in windows . There are two types of memory
1)RAM – Random Access Memory
2)ROM- Read Only Memory
When the system is boot all the data is saved in ROM we can’t normally remove data from ROM because it is also called permanent memory of our system.
The Speed of your system totally depends on processor and RAM.When we run any programs like Operating system(windows,linux),movies ,files etc  it stores in RAM. If our RAM size is small then it can reduce our system performance and processor work.

To increase your system performance you have two options

1)Buy another RAM and put it into empty RAM slot if available.
2)Make your flash drive(Pen Drive) as Virtual RAM.

Step 1               Put pen drive in USB 2.0 port.
Step 2                    Right click on the pen drive.
Step 3                      Go to the readyBoost Tab.

Step 4            Select use this device.

Step 5:      Specify your device size for RAM ,4 GB best size.
Then Restart your Computer...
Now your current running files and programs will occupy the space like RAM.

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