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Gretel         Garrison Keillor

Likewise the story ‘Gretel’ is adopted by Garrison Keillor. The writer used the device of ‘relocation’ to parody the content of meaning to the original story. It is relocated to the modern context with Gretel as the narrator complaining about the unjust treatment given to her character in the story. She adds extra information about her father being drunk and her brother being weak and cunning. These details help in modifying the characters with Gretel being the real protagonist and strong. She appears more lively with her several weak points such as her thinking that she should not have shoved the witch into the oven. She even considers the trying experience of the forest for which one does not have to worry much. The details of the story and the main events are eliminated.

Important Questions from Gretel’s version by Garrison Keillor
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1. Why does Gretel blame her father and brother? [2058] 2. Do you think Gretel represents modern feminist woman? Give your opinion briefly. [2061]
Glossary: [cunning: clever at getting what you want, protagonist: the main character of a play, film or story]

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