Bhadragol December 5 Full Episode

Bhadragol is latest, most popular TV serial among all age group in Nepal. It is broadcast by Nepal Television every friday at 9:45 PM.The motive of this program is for entertainment and utmost fun to the viewers through different comic characters. The episode starts with Jigri singing a song. Rakshya comes near to him. Jirgi says he loves her. Rakshya says Jigri that she loves him but cannot accept him because of his behavior. She says Jigri that he have to give-up cigarettes and alcohol to get her and he have to promise in front of temple. Jigri says Rakshya to wait and he will get alcohol and cigarettes for the promise. Rakshya says ok. Cockroach comes in a slow motion.


  डाउनलोड गर्न तलको बाकसमा किल्क गर्नुहोला  


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