Top 10 Nepali Android Application

Now a days Nepali apps are being popular among the people because they are oriented on day to day life activities. Today in this post In am going to show you the top 10 Nepali android apps which are as follows:
1. Nepal Load Shedding Schedule
Installs in the last 30 Days: 100,000 - 500,000

With over 100,000 installs in the last 30 days and even more frustrating loadshedding grievance across the nation, this app tops our list. Nepal Load Shedding Schedule, as the name suggests is an application that allows users to see  loadshedding schedule of Nepal. It is available offline and has features like updating schedule from within the app, forwarding schedule by SMS, electricity remaining countdown and a torchlight option to light up your mobile's flash light during dark hours. This app also has widgets that you can place on the home screen for easy access. 

2. Nepali Patro
Installs in the last 30 Days: 100,000 - 500,000
  This is a Nepali calendar with a lot of features. This calendar displays Bikram Sambat(BS) dates with different important days such as festivals. It shows the countdown to the number of days remaining for such festivals. You also get the details of the Lunar Calendar days (tithi) in this calendar. Converting date between AD and BS has never been so easier. This calendar support Nepali unicode as well as the English language display. Another interesting feature of this calendar is that it displays the updated online foreign exchange rates as well.  

3. Nepali FM-Calendar-Hamro Patro

Installs in the last 30 Days: 100,000 - 500,000  
Featuring over 70 radio stations and a collection of different other features, this application seems to be quite popular with Nepali users. The other feature that this app boasts is the detailed calendar. The calendar displays the time in Nepal, Bikram Sambat date, upcoming events and Lunar calendar days. This app also has other side features such as Horoscope, Gold/Silver Price in Nepal, Forex rates, currency and date converters.

4. Radio Nepali
Installs in the last 30 Days: 100,000 - 500,000

If you want to listen to the various Radio and FM stations in Nepal, then this is the perfect Android application for you. This application lists over 80 Radio stations from all over Nepal. You can easily go online and listen to any radio station of your choice. Just click on the name of the station from the list, let it load and it plays instantly. You can also sort the station alphabetically or reverse alphabetically to help you find better. Note: This application requires Vitamio plugin which is a multimedia framework for Android devices and is freely available.

5. Nepali Date Converter
Installs in the last 30 Days: 10,000 - 50,000
We all know that Nepal uses the Bikram Sambat calendar. This calendar system is different than the popular AD calendar. This gives rise to the requirement of converting the dates from one calendar system to another. Nepali Date Converter is the perfect Android application for this conversion. Just select the type of conversion you want to to, from AD to BS or the other way around, and enter the year, month and day; and your conversion is done. This simple application has proven to be quite useful and popular. 

 6. My Nepal
Installs in the last 30 Days: 10,000 - 50,000
My Nepal is a 100% Nepali Android app which features a lot of stuffs related to Nepal. It features Nepali videos, audios, TV serials, News, Horoscope, Calendar, FM, Load Shedding Schedule, Jokes, Currency Rates, Food Recipes and the Nepali Anthem. It has a lot more than this. The developer of this application has made it look like a website which has a collection of a lot of things related to Nepal. The drawbacks of this application is that you have to be always online to view it and a lot of ads cover up your screen when using this app.

7. Nepali Super Jokes
Installs in the last 30 Days: 10,000 - 50,000
This is a fun and entertainment Nepali android app. This application has a collection of Nepali as well as English jokes. There is an option to read the jokes online as well as offline. You will find tons of funny jokes both online and offline. There are also funny images. This application also has social features of sharing the jokes easily to Facebook. You also get an option to submit your own jokes.

8. Nepali Music And More
Installs in the last 30 Days: 10,000 - 50,000

Featuring more than 70 Nepali radio stations and 800 Nepali songs, this is the perfect app for Nepali Music enthusiasts. The author seems to update with new songs and stations with every new update. This application is bold enough to use the native android interface. The songs are listed by the name of artists. You can click on a song to stream that song immediately from the internet or you can tap on a song for some time to add it to the playlist. We saw no option to edit the playlist manually.

9. Nepali News
Installs in the last 30 Days: 10,000 - 50,000

A news app for getting access to all the latest updates and happening in Nepal. You get to read the news from various sources such as Kantipur, BBC Nepali, Mero Sansar, Naya Patrika, Nagarik News, The Himalayan Times and so on. This application features more than 20 newspapers and blogs/websites as its news source. Its swipe to switch articles feature is quite good.

 10. Bagh Chal
Installs in the last 30 Days: 10,000 - 50,000

Android is a popular device for gaming for many. Our number 10 application on this list is finally a game. This game is called Bagchal and it is a Nepali board game. The game has an explanation of the rules if you don't know already. This game allows you to play against the computer or against another human player. To play against another human player, you can use the same device or connect with Bluetooth to play. 

Source: meroguff.com and the post was published by them on 2013/06 and the installs data are of that time sorry :( for not updating latest data


  1. Awaz is a Nepali radio streaming app. Please download and give us a rating. Here's the link https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ankashala.awaz

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