Harmful microbes found in milk of Kharipati Dairy

BHAKTAPUR, JUN 17 - Locals and employees of a Kharipati-based dairy company have obstructed authorties from sealing the diary following complaints of presence of harmful microorganism s in its milk .

A team from the Food Technology and Quality Control Department who went to Chhaling VDC in Bhaktapur to seal the dairy on Monday, only to be obstructed by the dairy employees.

Three people were arrested by the police for obstructing and manhandling the team.

Bhaktapur Chief District Officer (CDO) Himnath Dawadi said that Bishwaram Khadka, Uddav Khadka and Yagya Khadka were arrested.

The Food Technology and Quality Control Department said the dairy employees obstructed with the help of locals. Department’s spokesperson Pramod Koirala said the milk from Kharipati Dairy was found to have coliforms (Gram negative bacteria) in excess of 2,000. Normal milk should not have the presence of coliforms, not even in trace amount.

Koirala said that the department could not seal the dairy following the obstruction. Kharipati Dairy produces milk with the name of Gayatri brand.

Presence of coliforms in milk causes diarrhoea, vomiting, fever, typhoid, among other abdominal difficulties.


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