Top 5 Tips to Protect Your Smartphone or Tablet from Damages

According to the Present 2013 Stats it is recorded that around 80% of population in this World use Mobile Phones. And of the World's 4 Billion mobiles Phones in Use, 1.08 Billion are Smartphones! Thats a huge number indeed. And do you know what stats say that there are 1.5 million Android devices activated per day.

So as I said when the Smartphone Market in increasing tremendously we need to take care of our smartphones as they are not as tough. Most of them are delicate so we need to take certain measures to protect it. So, here I suggest you few tips on how to protect Your Smartphone from certain External & Internal Damages:-

>Use a Casing, a Flip Cover or a Pouch

This is the best way You could protect your Smartphone from many of the External Damages. You just can assure that you are surely not gonna drop it cause nothing is in your hands things may happen anytime anywhere so to be on the safer side get a case or pouch for your mobile as soon as you buy a new smartphone.

>Use a Screen Guard

Nowadays all the smartphones come with lots of ads that they are scratch proof and anti-dust with the Gorilla Glass,. etc, etc.. Let it be anyway but you gotta make sure that as soon as you buy a Mobile you have to put a screen protector or a screen guard. And clean the Screen whenever You find time, it gives a neat look.

>Use the Touch Gently

Many of us are fond of touch screen gaming in the smartphones and its really fun. But, you gotta make sure you don't put a lot of pressure while u touch the screen even a gentle touch will do the task you wish to do. And we often give it to friend and the way they use will be different from yours so be careful

>Use a Good antivirus

As the growing users of Android the risk of Virus attacks have also gone high. So it better to be on the safer side by installing a Good antivirus for Your mobile.
As we all Know - Prevention is Better than Cure!

> Finally You Gotta Handle It with Care

Last but not the Least.. Its your own gadgets and so you gotta take care of it by handling it with care. See that you don’t drop your device often and Use it gently. Ya it’s your gadget so you have to be careful with the device.


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