Top 5 Tips to Save Android Battery Charge


Does Your Battery Get Over very Soon in Your Android Mobile? Then here are a few Tips Which will help You save your Battery Charge and Use your Phone for more Longer.

> Power Control Widget will do half of your work. So leave half of Your work to it. So, goto the link given and install it. Link -  Click here !

> Turn off your WiFi, Bluetooth, GPS when not required. These Consume a lot of Your Mobile charge.

> Keep brightness of the screen to low when you are indoor. This saves a lot of Your battery charge. So the Power control Widget will take care of it.

> Turn Off Mobile data usage on your device if you are not using it frequently. This is the feature which finishes the whole of Your mobile charge!
And for this you have to Goto settings and then select Data Usage and Turn off the Mobile Data.

> At times like weekly once try to charge your mobile completely when it is switched off.

> If you have too much of trouble with battery, I would suggest but would not recommend to turn off your Auto Sync with Photos and Mails. It will defeat the purpose of having Android to some extent.

> Keep a check on your battery usage. It gives you the details about your battery usage. To check the battery usage on your Android Device
- Go to Settings->About (Phone/Device)
- Click on Battery Use.
It gives the complete battery usage since you last unplugged it.



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